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  1. Plural of rule


  1. third-person singular of rule

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A rule is:
  • Rewrite rule, in generative grammar and computer science
  • Standardization, a formal and widely-accepted statement, fact, definition, or qualification
  • Operation, a determinate rule (method) for performing a mathematical operation and obtaining a certain result (Mathematics, Logic)
  • Rule of inference, a function from sets of formulae to formulae (Mathematics, Logic)
  • Rule of thumb, principle with broad application that is not intended to be strictly accurate or reliable for every situation. Also often simply referred to as a rule
  • Moral, an atomic element of a moral code for guiding choices in human behavior
  • Heuristic, a quantized "rule" which shows a tendency or probability for successful function
  • A regulation, as in sports
  • Procedural law, a ruleset governing the application of laws to cases
    • A law, which may informally be called a "rule"
    • A court ruling, a decision by a court
  • Norm (sociology), an informal but widely accepted rule, concept, truth, definition, or qualification (social norms, legal norms, coding norms)
  • Norm (philosophy), a kind of sentence or a reason to act, feel or believe
  • "Rulership" is the concept of governance by a government:
    • Military rule, governance by a military body
    • Monastic rule, a collection of precepts that guides the life of monks or nuns in a religious order where the superior holds the place of Christ

Other uses

  • Rule (song), a song by rapper Nas
  • Ruler, an instrument for measuring lengths
  • Rule, a component of an astrolabe, circumferator or similar instrument
  • Rule of thumb, Acquisition]], a set of guidelines intended to ensure the profitability of businesses owned by the ultra-capitalist Ferengi in the fictional Star Trek universe
  • The Rules, a bestselling self-help book
  • RULE Project (Run Up-to-date Linux Everywhere) is a project that aims to use up-to-date Linux software on old PCs
  • Rule engine, a software system that helps managing business rules
  • Ja Rule, a hip hop artist
    • R.U.L.E., a 2005 greatest hits album by rapper Ja Rule
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